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Nusa Penida Chapter as a travel agent tour tour to Nusa Penida offers many choices of cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida which has many conveniences because it includes fast boat tickets Nusa Penida, Lunch and Transport, also Hotels for package stay and equipment snorkeling and boat if doing snorkeling activity. Let’s pack your suitcase immediately contact us for a pleasant trip to Nusa Penida Island Bali.

Nusa Penida one of the islands in Bali which now has been transformed as a tourist destination in Bali is Nusa Penida Island is famous for its mola molanya fish. Nusa Penida is included in the district of Klungkung regency Bali, Nusa Penida Island does save many new attractions that are still natural, not so touchable by humans. Sightseeing in the famous beaches, cliffs, temples, spot spots activities and Nature is still beautiful.

For well-known tourist destination objects include Kelingking Beach, Crystal Bay Beach, Suwehan Beach, Atuh Beach, Bulian Beach and other beaches, the other tours are a thousand passengers, Pohon Cinta, Tree House and the spots for water activities for snorkeling and diving is Gamat Bay, Buddhist Temple, GT Toya Pakeh and for snorkeling and For diving activities like Crystal Bay Beach and Manta bay are famous fish (Mola – Mola and Pari)

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